Forest For the Trees

Life tends to be a struggle
One which we bleed ourselves dry
One which we seek out for meaning
Where our loneliness drives us
While individuality divides us
The milestones we aim to reach
Makes us the slaves of our own defeat
Slithering by, we gnaw at our bones
Hoping our blind misguided passion
Causes us to leap and bound
Finding our souls confounded by pain
Feeling refreshed by spring morning rain
I guess the enlightenment tends to drive us to abstinence
Where the shadows of people we love haunt us
Doing what’s right is generally crowded by infinite sacrifice
Knowing that the lives we touch
Must one day be set free
Where the space on this earth can allow us to live peacefully
Without having to cause each other pain
There is the sacrifice we make for love
The misery we put our hearts through
Isn’t worth the momentary happiness
Whose fleeting nature transpires through our bones
Concurrently leaving us empty and addicted
Choosing blindly our temporary gratification

Panache De Fumée

Shades lose their hue
Glitter fails to sparkle
Greed fuels us
Fluttering heart ceases
Glory days end
Cycles continue
Life is reborn

Love lost found

Death becomes her

Heart smiles
Sun rising
Whole new day
Maturity sets in
Time whispers softly
We walk away
Walls close in
Space shrinks
Never alone
Always excited
Your leaving aches
Broken heart weighs
Faltering lights

So is life

Happy Home

Happy Heart

Empty soul

stays up at night

Being Kind

Sometimes letting go can feel so
Terribly Confounding, to know that
You can see a way out but provide
No furtive reason to continue
Some belief you wish to see the
World differently, ye a refusal to
Admin reality which you are

surrounded in

The rush you have to forget, that regrets are not
The only thing that casts memories
Into our past

We can will change
Into ourselves
And into those around you

You breathe with a heavy heart
In retrospect it seemed you
Always cared right up until
The point, caring actually mattered

A hope we do not share
An escape you so eagerly despise
Yet your resolve to continue

Taking is uncanny

I will let you formulate and live
By your own choices, But I

Can no longer stand by and
Watch you wallow in self -pitty

There is so much more beauty

Shook Me

The space and silence are
Deafening. Feeling your cold
Hands grasp at me in a
Last attempt at being close
Yet you refused to see the
Signals of when I needed you
Being present. Yet your preference
Is to sulk into your own
Depravity. Your unwillingness is
A frustration I cannot
Adorn, A symbol you speak to
Never portray, yet you carry
It as an emblem of your personal identification
You tell me I’m going astray
Yet your own path is
Rocky and treacherous but
You refuse to acknowledge

Your own self existence

Windows to the Soul

Senses swirl as the invitation
To take you home is impressed
Staring at your right, wishing he would vanish
Or it’s just some guy you met
But he bores you to death
Sending all body signals so it may wash away
His struggle is admirable
Listening as the resting seeds soil
We lay the foundations in trust
Alleviating the dry situations with lust
Beaconing all reflection, as the shadows
Of introspection glaze our eyes over
Roving lovers meet and greet
Shying away at the first sight of must
Blistering away with the dithering cusp
Elongates and crusts over
Sheltering dusty grooves as conclaves
Immerse in predilection
As diction entertains our fruits
Festering wounds seal and compress
Bitter regret, unfolds unity with rest
As I look upon the coming hours
With deafening flutes
The past seems to hinder me forth
A crescent intoxicating voice
Whispers sweetly into my ears
Letting go of anxiety and fear
While something which now seems
So familiar, clearly comprises the sky
I look deeply into your eyes

Only Our Fields Touch

Wizardry and infamy are a consorted
Menacing intelligence
Letting it all out into the sunlight
As if the evening were only a sweet mirage

Echoed though bathing bodies
Brushing each others souls
Withering away in the dust of ashes
Evenings wind down, as the wind freezes
Earth soars with unequivocal youth
Maintaining the looming glistening
An infectious smile beams
Like the edges and the seams of time
Are slowly tearing apart
Breathing life into and empty shell
Extruding out as bevels vex and bend
Moving into eternity as behemoths
Keel and reel , their furnaces burning

A predilect moans, and cheers
Gingerly immersed by tears
As brutal ice walls form and melt
Pensive minds avail
Shining forth all doubts and hope
As waves swell and break
Ours live ache and toil
Releasing the friction in turmoil

Riding Public Trains

Some mild discomforts of public transportation
Overheard conversations, staring silently
As the general populous seems to go mute

I’m reminded this is an ever changing city
Time continues to provide new youth
Pushing for progress
Encouraging the digestion if ideas
Creating new interpretations
Changing perspectives with the seasons

Much like the city, as much as we
Wish to hold time still at our prime
We too change, we too must adapt
Pretending our prime only comes once
is self diluted

Lesson from Birth

The extremities seem to fluster
As life returns to echoes, as our minds
Dwindle into the ether, absorbing
The essence through the air
As our eyes stare into the riddles
Amazed by the frivolous intonations
Whispering a surge of creation
As we reach one arm too far
Fingers slip and twitch she fades away
Slipping slowly into my dreams
Wishing we could exact our needs
Whispering our ways astray, guiding
Senses, delivering our ages
Darkness shimmers in, surrounds us in
The comfort blankets that
Wrap our shoulders softly
Breathing in gladly. While oxygen
Beguiles us, enthralls us
Demands of us, no tax
The ruminating thoughts that
Condense breathing all sense
Letting our minds grow
With elation having our
Thoughts glare with summation
A we gain clarity and scope
Laughter escapes through
Floats which emerge in a paradise
Only to fade slowly after grandeur
Becoming forth a commanding load
Which goads us into naïveté


Gracias Mami, te amo mucho.

**I was having trouble giving this one a title, “Being Born”, “Born”, “First 10 seconds”, “The Ride Out”, “Fuzzy Lights”. Were all ideas[for the title] at some point or another. Overall I find this to be the perspective of child coming out of the womb and into the world, i think the even i likely beautiful from all perspectives. **Sorry for abusing the feed a little…. this one might be a belated birthday gift to myself (But primarily my mom)**

The Fool’s Perspective of the Path of a Wise Man

I Like to believe in the optimism
In life, the unwillingness to change
While seeking her own truth

The innate disturbing, existential
Remains of distinction, while She
Waits and begs for some elocution

As we wander forth, in confusion
Looking at the walls while they
Dwindle and melt, as the
Derision excels and blisters

When the earth distills the realms
And glistens as you see the
Beauty of the difference
As it aches and begs for a
Journey, while it’s travels and
Beleaguered aching, foil over
With the reminiscent stutters that
Scream a juxtaposing sense
While proclivity melts and fades

While we wish we unfurl and fade
As the earth fades into the horizon
We reap, slowly, the glaze that
We leave upon the sense,
Which we see as life

So we thrive.


Baby It’s Cold Outside

Whiskey tinges the nerves and awakes fire
Blood thins while dilated pupils expand
Veins contract and absorb the broken
Down materials, remnants of a process
Which takes place now as a well oiled
Machine, whisking and whooshing back and
Forth in a tactile dance that makes
The entirety come alive, to resound
And blare our it’s everlasting
Existence in depravity

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